Beach Buggy Racing 2

General / 22 June 2019

A "Jeep" like vehicle that I did for Beach Buggy Racing 2 by Vector Unit. BBR2 just got added to the latest Tesla software update, so now if you drive a Tesla, you can play this game with the car's steering wheel! Also free to play on iOS and Android. Fun stuff!

*More vehicles soon!*

Sketch of Neenee

General / 02 June 2019

This is Neenee, a co-worker's cat.


Riptide GP: Renegade - Typhoon Hydro-jet

General / 05 August 2016
One in a series of vehicle work I did last year for 'Riptide GP: Renegade' from the cool folks over at Vector Unit. The game is out now on all major platforms and mobile as well! The tear-sheet is the unpainted primer version of the hydro-jets. The transform sequence was some of the most fun and challenging mechanical work that I've done! 

B =):):)


General / 08 October 2015
Hi Everyone!
I'm really happy to share with everyone our game project, Labyrinth, that we've been working on for the past year at Free Range Games. We just got the Green Lighted and will now continue to work towards release onto Steam. As of October 7th, we're currently ranked # 14 on the Greenlight program. Thank you for your support and please feel free to share our project page and help us get additional votes to push our game into the top 10!


The Page:

The official pitch image.

An animted GIF image I worked on that didn't make the cut... :P


General / 29 September 2015
A GIF of a quick drawing demo for my class. It's great to be drawing cars again!


Academy of Art University classes, Fall 2014

General / 26 January 2015

Hello and Happy 2015 Everyone!
Below you will find a batch of super duper artwork from everyone in my Fall 2014 classes at the Academy of Art University. Website/emails are linked should you want to commission any art from the awesome crew!

Have fun and happy creating all!

Vehicle and Mech Deisgn

Cristiano Ripamonti

Daniel Smith

Fei Ou

'Jin" Guangxu Jin

John Valera

Juan Angel

Advanced Perspective for Illustration, Film, and Games

Amanda Johnson

Andrew Steers

Ayah Andoh

Dain Lee

Daniel Sarmiento

'Eric' Tengdong Li

Ipek Tugce Sayhan

Judith Mendoza

Mimi Xia

'Nat' Nattanan Doungploy

Peter Hatendi

Sichen Jiang

Theissen Hall

Tinyiko Mda

Vivian Sun

Perspective for Illustrators

'GG' Ghadir Yanksary

Hanae Ko  

Hanyang Song

Jieyu Wang

Justin Williams

Kang Jia

'Kelly' Tsu-Hsin Chung

'Kenny' Kwangku Jeong

Kitikhun Vongsayan

'Leo' Leonardo Aguayo Liebes

'Luke' Tsu-Hsuan Chen

'Emma' Qing Wang

Qinqing Guo

Spencer Chopp

'Surya' Surender Reddy Cheerka

Ting-En Liao

Yaqing Chen

'Yuki' Yuqi Lu

'Depthy' test render of Doge Team

General / 13 November 2014
Sneak peek at part 2 of my GumRoad tutorial...coming soon! Here's a cropped test render of the final color image using ‪#‎depthy‬ The tutorial will cover taking a black and white illustration to a full color finish. 

Thanks everyone for all your support! 


Part 1 can be found here

Narrative Illustration GumRoad tutorial

General / 06 November 2014
Hi Everyone,

After months of late nights, I'm happy to announce my first GumRoad tutorial! Super Thanks goes out to all my friends, co-workers, and love ones for all their support and encouragement during the production of this video. And a big shout out to the interwebs art community for all the inspiration and love! I hope you like this first one...there'll be more soon. Happy drawing and all the best to you!


You can purchase the tutorial here...

Work in progress part Doge

General / 06 September 2014
Here's another in progress shot of the painting shown in the previous post. Once the entire piece has been colored, I'm planning to release the whole working process as GumRoad video tutorial. Stay tuned!

Thanks for viewing!

Work in progress

General / 16 August 2014
Sneak peek at a current work in progress. Hopefully I can finish this soon! Lots of late nights working on this one so far...

Thanks for viewing!