Spring 2021 Props and Weapon Design Class @ Academy Of Art University

General / 08 April 2021

Some highlights from the midterms for my Props and Weapons Design Class @ Academy Of Art University. Great work, Everyone!

B =)



Baby's first words: Volume 01 Premiere!

General / 12 April 2020

"Baby's first words: Volume 01" has premiered!

Big thank you to my two beautifully wonderful VIPs for their brilliant narration! This project has really kept me focused and sane during these uncertain Covid-19 times...and I couldn't be more happier to launch this. Phase 2 of this project will be coming soon!
Thank you for your support, have a joyous weekend and take good care, everyone!!! B


Project Bb update 02

General / 01 April 2020

The art for part 1 of #projectBb is now done! Here are two more of my favorites. Full video coming soon!

Take good care, Everyone!


Project Bb update

General / 25 March 2020

Steadily working through the texturing phase and here are 2 of my favorite items so far. Definitely learning a lot about PBR texturing for food items. Really looking forward to being to dine out again soon...

Stay awesome, be safe, and take good care everyone!



Project Bb

General / 19 March 2020

So during this uncertain time of our country experiencing the Covid 19 National Emergency, I've had a lot of time on my hands and decided to spin up a project that I've been meaning to do around a year and half ago. The intent was to make an alphabet learning video/app for my Son who was only 1.5 years old at the time. Now he is 3 and knows pretty much all the items in this line up even thought they're not textured yet, heh. 

I'm optimistic for our country and the world to weather this pandemic and come out stronger and more unified than before. Take good care of yourselves, your loved ones and your community, and stay safe Everyone. 


*stay tuned for more progress updates!*



Beach Buggy Racing 2

General / 22 June 2019

A "Jeep" like vehicle that I did for Beach Buggy Racing 2 by Vector Unit. BBR2 just got added to the latest Tesla software update, so now if you drive a Tesla, you can play this game with the car's steering wheel! Also free to play on iOS and Android. Fun stuff!

*More vehicles soon!*


Sketch of Neenee

General / 02 June 2019

This is Neenee, a co-worker's cat.



Riptide GP: Renegade - Typhoon Hydro-jet

General / 05 August 2016
One in a series of vehicle work I did last year for 'Riptide GP: Renegade' from the cool folks over at Vector Unit. The game is out now on all major platforms and mobile as well! The tear-sheet is the unpainted primer version of the hydro-jets. The transform sequence was some of the most fun and challenging mechanical work that I've done! 

B =):):)




General / 08 October 2015
Hi Everyone!
I'm really happy to share with everyone our game project, Labyrinth, that we've been working on for the past year at Free Range Games. We just got the Green Lighted and will now continue to work towards release onto Steam. As of October 7th, we're currently ranked # 14 on the Greenlight program. Thank you for your support and please feel free to share our project page and help us get additional votes to push our game into the top 10!


The Page:

The official pitch image.

An animted GIF image I worked on that didn't make the cut... :P



General / 29 September 2015
A GIF of a quick drawing demo for my class. It's great to be drawing cars again!