'Depthy' test render of Doge Team

General / 13 November 2014
Sneak peek at part 2 of my GumRoad tutorial...coming soon! Here's a cropped test render of the final color image using ‪#‎depthy‬ The tutorial will cover taking a black and white illustration to a full color finish. 

Thanks everyone for all your support! 


Part 1 can be found here   https://gum.co/ckXXi

Narrative Illustration GumRoad tutorial

General / 06 November 2014
Hi Everyone,

After months of late nights, I'm happy to announce my first GumRoad tutorial! Super Thanks goes out to all my friends, co-workers, and love ones for all their support and encouragement during the production of this video. And a big shout out to the interwebs art community for all the inspiration and love! I hope you like this first one...there'll be more soon. Happy drawing and all the best to you!


You can purchase the tutorial here...    


Work in progress part Doge

General / 06 September 2014
Here's another in progress shot of the painting shown in the previous post. Once the entire piece has been colored, I'm planning to release the whole working process as GumRoad video tutorial. Stay tuned!

Thanks for viewing!

Work in progress

General / 16 August 2014
Sneak peek at a current work in progress. Hopefully I can finish this soon! Lots of late nights working on this one so far...

Thanks for viewing!

Project: Game of Thrones Countdown # 003

General / 16 July 2014
Another armor study. Varying the colors just a bit to see if  I can add more punch than the source photo. Fun learning process for this one. Was really interesting to find out how some values don't seem to work until you place another value next to it.

Thanks for viewing!


Project: Game of Thrones Countdown # 002

General / 09 July 2014
Teh second photo study...a little past the due date of the usual G.O.T TV night time-slot. I focused a little harder to really nail some of the colors with some other color choices thrown in just to experiment. The armor itself was interesting as the chest guard thing looks like a bib, heh. Fun piece...though I think I spent way more than my originally allotted studying time.

Thanks for viewing,

Project: Game of Thrones Countdown # 001

General / 01 July 2014
So I've got a really bad case of Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms now that season 4 is over. To calm some of the jitters, and also to clear my mind of the fight of the series between the Red Viper and the Mountain, I've decided to do armor studies on what would otherwise be Game Of Thrones TV night. Here's the first one. I've modified it a bit because the original armor looks like it has a slight belly...not too knightly in my opinion.

Thanks for viewing!

Late night photo study

General / 09 June 2014
A lot of fun doing this one...though definitely tough getting the likeness just right. Needs just that bit more to nail it.


Spring 2014 Advanced Perspective Finals

General / 09 June 2014
Below are the finals projects from my Spring 2014 class. Websites/emails are linked to everyone's names if you want to find out more about each artist's works or wish to contact them. Lots of fun teaching this semester. Rock on everyone!


The awesome class.

Amadou Diallo

Blair Hubbard

Christina Chavez

Christopher Tulao

Crystal Naranjo

Everett Carter

Gregg Hierholzer

Grey Jeremy

Jeff Biestman

Jenna Luciani

Junyi Li

Malcolm Pei

Molly Satterthwaite

Pip Reyes

Sam Hawkins

Wei Chia Huang

Xiangfei Bai

FreeFall Tournament Gunner-E

General / 09 August 2013
This is one of my latest designs for an armor class from our free to play game, FreeFall Tournament. Check out the game if you get a chance and let me know what you think!
The design itself is inspired by the Catherine-B320 character from Halo Reach. The top pic has all the character gear. The bottom pic is the armor sans gear. Lots of fun working on this one!