Zaxxon Escape
Brandon luyen spaceship v4
Brandon luyen z
Brandon luyen zaxxon b
Brandon luyen zaxxon a
Brandon luyen arena reactor 02
Brandon luyen arena reactor 01
Brandon luyen zaxxonpromoart final approved

Promotional banner art *Layout and renders by Harrison Fong*

Zaxxon Escape - Debut Trailer

This is a re-imagining of the classic Sega coin-op from the 80's. An engineering co-worker and myself prototyped and built this game up to around 60% completion until the rest of the art team jumped in, to bulk up the content count. I was responsible for designing and building the 2 main ships and the hangar, along with modular art for 3 of the infinite level runs. In addition to this, I also fielded all the VFX work done for the game.